Laravel 3

  • Code Happy by Dayle Rees
    Code Happy was the first book published for Laravel 3 by Leanpub. Code Happy is a beginners guide to Laravel which covers all the important topics a developer will need to know when picking up the framework. Code Happy also has a companion site online that walks through the book Code Happy.
  • Laravel Starter by Shawn McCool
    Laravel Starter is Shawn McCool's first Laravel book and sets out to teach users the basics of writing applications with Laravel using real-world examples. It's a great way to learn why things are done a certain way instead of just showing you how to do it.

Laravel 4

  • Laravel Testing Decoded by Jeffrey Way
    Laravel Testing Decoded is Jeffrey Way's first Laravel book and gives an introduction to TDD as well as a more thorough, in-deep analysis of the Laravel way of testing applications.
  • Code Bright by Dayle Rees
    Code Bright is the successor to Code Happy, Dayle's first book, and was released alongside Laravel 4 in May. Dayle has mentioned that Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel, will play a role in the book.[1]
  • From Apprentice To Artisan by Taylor Otwell
    Written by the creator of Laravel, this is the definitive guide to advanced application development with Laravel 4. Covers dependency injection, interfaces, service providers, SOLID design, and more while exploring practical, real-world code examples.
  • Implementing Laravel by Chris Fidao
    This book focuses on an overall approach to coding with Laravel, including code organization along with useful patterns for creating real-world testable and maintainable code.
  • Getting Stuff Done with Laravel by Chuck Heintzelman
    A hands-on guide taking you through application design, building console applications, and developing web applications.
  • Laravel in Action from Manning publications by Maks Surguy
    A comprehensive book on Laravel that will accommodate intermediate developers as well as beginners just starting out with Laravel PHP framework
  • Laravel 4 Cookbook by Christopher Pitt
    Projects you can build to learn Laravel 4.
  • Microbook: Select2 and Laravel by Ryan Tablada
    This Microbook takes a deep dive approach to learning to use the Select2 javascript library to create more user friendly drop downs, tag clouds, and more.
  • Learning Laravel: The Easiest Way by Learning Laravel
    Learning Laravel is a comprehensive book of Laravel PHP Framework. It's a beginner to intermediate level book, designed for any developer who wants to build next generation web applications using Laravel. The book helps to build a solid foundation for developers. There are guides and tutorials on how to install Laravel on different systems, how to build some practical web applications and many more. The book is now available for free at Learning Laravel official website

Laravel 5

  • Learning Laravel 5: Building Practical Applications by Learning Laravel
    One of the very first books for Laravel 5! Throughout 5 chapters, instructor Nathan Wu will teach you how to build many real-world applications from scratch. This bestseller is also completely about you. It has been structured very carefully, teaching you all you need to know from installing your Laravel 5.1 app to deploying it to a live server. Learn by doing! If you're looking for a genuinely effective book that helps you to build your next amazing applications, this is the number one book for you.


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  1. Laravel: The Bright Future