"Laravel is a pleasure to work with, it has turned web application development into an art form."
— Dayle Rees

Laravel (often referred to as Laravel PHP) is an open source web application framework written in PHP 5 and released under the MIT License.



Welcome to the Laravel wiki. This wiki is intended to be a source of knowledge for the community, by the community. This wiki is still in its very early stages so please feel free to help by contributing your knowledge of the framework. We encourage you to write tutorials or guides, examples, and any other resources to the wiki so others within the community can benefit. Please take the time to read the Getting Started page some guidelines on how to contribute to the wiki.

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This wiki is a part of the wider Laravel Community. Within this community we have a very active forum where you can discuss Laravel related topics or ask for help on your exciting Laravel project. If you're the type of person that enjoys chatting with other developers and helping others learn more about Laravel then you can join Laravel's IRC.

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